Nike Pulls New “Homophobic” Ads

In general, Nike advertisements are praised by those who see them for being inspirational and entertaining. This is not the case with the new Hyperdunk ads, which shows a basketball player dunking over another, and gets…well…a crotch to the face. Many are calling the new ads homophobic in nature.

Nike has pulled the ads.

See the CNN article here.

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This is Stretching It or Proof that “Good” Design Sells

Apparently there’s a WATCH that sells for $300,000. Dude, Good Design sells, right?

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t tell time.

Damn straight. It’s a day-night watch. It can tell you whether it’s day or night. I guess if you’re stuck in, say, Ministry of Love or something that might be useful. Those Oceanians probably work ridiculous hours and that may be useful…

Anyway, the point is is that this watch, no matter how pretty it is and how many pieces of the Titanic it contains (true!), it still can’t tell you the time and it costs more than some people’s homes. Get a load of that.

This guy is rolling in the money. It sold out minutes after its launch.

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Famous Designer Calls Design “Dead”

Yeah, it’s scary. Hard to believe.

He also said this:

“Design is a dreadful form of expression.”

I can’t go on. I would ramble for ages. I just gotta say that I hope this doesn’t catch on because design is very important.

But here’s the article where he announced this.

Leave your comments if you feel so.

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Geckos, Doritos : Superbowl Commericos

I think I was irritating those around me with my complaints and raves about this year’s crop of Superbowl commercials. I had to write out my opinions.

Those that Were Not the Bad…But the Ugly.
Foreigns Trying to Hook Up : Cheesy, predictable dialouge from foreign guys as they hold Bud Light. There’s not about the beer here…but way to tie in the “Bood Light” guy from previous successful commericals.

A Night at the Max: I’ve never seen “Night at the Roxbury,” so I didn’t see the connection of the song to the video at first…until that head nod came in. Why does Pepsi Max make people do that? I just don’t get it.

Rocky, Horse Style.: It’s the same thing every year. An unlikely Clydesdale candidate gets shot down, but does something to make the team next year. This one was one of the better Budweiser Clydesdale commercials of recent history, but still the worst commercial I’ve seen this year.

Thrilla!: Sobe is known for their great tasting drinks that make people feel better. Why not feel better with tasty WATER. Sure, I get the whole “good time feeling” type of thing with “Thriller” because it just generates good things inside us all…but WHY with “Thriller” other than the fact that we just associate it as a good song sometimes? I know that commercials use bad music choice all the time, but you should try harder for the Superbowl. Honestly.

Those Select Few at the Top of My List
Murderer! It had a lot of suspense. And wonder. Then humor as this man realizes that his car has been murdered and placed in his bed. Then we show a creepy scene with just the car (brilliant because cars are not generally ntimidating), before showing me the sexiest automobile I’ve seen in years. Beautiful, Audi, beautiful.

Tamimg of the ‘Shews: Why are all these men so attracted to this…well…fairly unattractive woman? I was hooked to this commercial to see what the company pulled off…cashews were not expected. I laughed hysterically. The unexpectedness was refreshing.

The Ability to Fl-: I’m so used to traditional man-commercials, emo horse moments and hot girls. However, I’m not used to Bud Light drinkers flying through the air. Fresh. Refreshing. Just like Bud Light.

And the Confusing.
The Best Chip Commercial Ever. But a Repeat?: The Doritos commercial featuring a well dressed man sitting outside a mouse hole with a trap equipped with the featured chip is one of the best commercials of all time in my opinion. However, I remember seeing this last year. NEVER show an old commercial at the Superbowl! It’s just not how things go.

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Why So Serious About Changing the Ads?

“[Heath Ledger], who died Tuesday of unknown causes at age 28, had finished filming ‘The Dark Knight’ late last year. It’s due to be released in July. But marketing of the film, currently in post-production, has been thrown into turmoil, the trade paper Variety notes.

The early push for the film has focused on Ledger’s villainous Joker character, including a poster with a shrouded Joker scrawling ‘Why So Serious?’ in blood on misty glass.

The film’s studio, Warner Bros., recently restructured its marketing department, Variety reports, after the departure of the executive who helped create the ‘Dark Knight’ campaign. (Warner Bros., like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner.)

The trade paper speculates that the marketing campaign will be changed abruptly.”

– January 24 CNN Article

Why So Serious?

This is the main advertisement in limbo as described by the CNN article.

Why? Why change this? Warner Brothers, if you’re afraid of people yelling about how you’re exploiting his death as a way to sell the movie, then I think you have incorrect thinking. Yes, having this ad still run may have some people mad. Yes, it may also make more people show up to your movies later in this year when this untimely death is old news.

However, this is not WHY you should change this. (And you also shouldn’t not change it because you’re going to rake in big bucks either, as some people are predicting will happen)

I don’t think it should be changed at all: the Joker is WHAT THE STORY’S ABOUT. Sure it’s about Batman and about Gothum City. But the stories of Batman, whether they be comic book, television series or movie, have always been focused on the main villain. To change this would be ludicrous in my opinion; you’re changing the way that things have always been. The subject is what the movie poster should represent. Many times, movie posters stray away from this and lose their interesting features, the part that makes the selling medium they should always be. Posters are advertisements, and when you see a bad advertisement, you’re willing to walk away from it. Many posters do just the opposite of trailers: they don’t tell people anything about the storyline.

But this does.

This is possibly the most brilliant movie poster I’ve ever seen. Other than being beautifully designed and skillfully planned, it’s simple and gets straight to the point the movie represents: this is about a mysterious, psychopathic killer who hangs in the shadows but causes fear from those shadows. THIS represents the movie and nothing else they make (well, nothing else without the Joker) will portray the film the way this does.

Having a picture of Batman on the poster will not only be just a poster of Batman, but it will look fairly similar to the poster used for “Batman Begins.” (I feel that using just Batman on the “BB” poster was all right because the story mainly revolved around the growth of Batman.) What does this say about the movie? Nothing other than the fact it has Batman in it. Big deal; there have been PLENTY of Batman movies. This would do NOTHING to drive sales, which I must state once again as the purpose of a movie poster.

I will be on internet protest if the Joker is removed from all advertisements. If anything, keeping the Joker in the posters is a tribute to the great job that Ledger has done replaying the role no one thought he could pull off.

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