AMC’s “Mad” Process

To me, it’s always interesting to see how other designers work and what their sketches look like. Now we can see what AMC’s Marketing Exec, Linda Schupack, did with sketches for the posters promoting the new series of “Mad Men.” You also get to see the progress up to it becoming the final poster.

And they’re quite interesting.

See pictures of the whole process here.

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Did you know that there’s a term for the use of characters to represent expletives? The word grawlix can now be added to your typographic vocabulary.

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While stumbling through one of my favorite product design sites, I walked into a pasture of sheep…stools.

They’re playful, worthy of a good laugh or two, and yet they’re still pretty fashionable. I think these stools by Sam Brown could be thrown into many a modern home and they would still fit the decor.

And I must say that it’s adorable that they have little black stopper “hooves.”

See the Better Living Through Design page for purchasing information.

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Twisting the Words of Your Label Makes for Good Videos

It has been said that Weezer’s newest single, “Pork and Beans,” was written after the band met with label Geffen. Their label told them that they needed to write more mainstream and airwave-friendly music. Of course, this pissed off the band and they wrote a great song about following the crowd that brings Weezer back to “The Blue Album” and “Pinkerton.” Probably one of my favorite Weezer songs (and I’m a big Weezer fan).

But then you have the music video. To follow with the lyrics in the song, Weezer got ahold of many people who got their 15 minutes of fame on Youtube and used them in the video. This includes my personal Youtube favorite, the Mentos-and-Coke scientists, as well as Mr. Leave-Britney-Alone (Chris Crocker) as well as the All-Your-Base-Are-Belong-To-Us video game character and Charlie the Unicorn.

Great video. Great song. Great concept.

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One of Typography’s Great Mysteries Solved.

So pretty much every piece of a character has a name. There’s counters, serifs, cross bars, descenders…but what about that missing space in a stencil-like font?

Well, it now has a name. It’s called a “pylon.”

Although I wonder if this is supposed to be a joke. The endorsements aren’t very…uh…endors-y…and it could be considered a joke. However, I think that this could catch on whether they intend it to or not.

All in all, though, an interesting read and something to let your brain wrap around.


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Snappy, Catchy, and Urban — Coffee Containers!

There’s apparently a chain of coffee shops running around the US called Puccino’s. I’ve personally never heard of it, but I wish I had. The designs they use for, well, everything in their shops is amazing. Typography in a hand-drawn-looking font that begs for you to read and smile.

It made me smile.

Make sure you read this one twice. Haha.

See the whole Flickr set here

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Good Typography is…Uh…Visible on that Site?

Craig Ward is an amazing typographer. I recommend you all go visit his site for some beautiful type and some experimental stuff. I’m particularly in love with the “Good Typography is Invisible, Bad Typography is Everywhere” piece that’s in the screenshot above.

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