Twitter = Get Out of Jail Free Card

According to a CNN article, a U.S. college student was reporting on a protest in Egypt when he and a translator were arrested. Using a new internet craze and his cell phone, he sent one word to a Web site and his friends sent forth immediately to get him released from jail.

The word? “Arrested.” The craze? Twitter.

Read the article here.

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Snappy, Catchy, and Urban — Coffee Containers!

There’s apparently a chain of coffee shops running around the US called Puccino’s. I’ve personally never heard of it, but I wish I had. The designs they use for, well, everything in their shops is amazing. Typography in a hand-drawn-looking font that begs for you to read and smile.

It made me smile.

Make sure you read this one twice. Haha.

See the whole Flickr set here

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Good Typography is…Uh…Visible on that Site?

Craig Ward is an amazing typographer. I recommend you all go visit his site for some beautiful type and some experimental stuff. I’m particularly in love with the “Good Typography is Invisible, Bad Typography is Everywhere” piece that’s in the screenshot above.

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Anyone Want to Buy This for Me?

It’s a clock. In a screensaver. Using Helvetica. And slow motion.

I need $15. Stat.

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“Jaws” Music Ringing Through Your Ears.

Going back to a time when computer viruses were intended to be fun and playful…

Introducing, Troika’s “Newton Virus.”

A USB drive looking mysteriously like a plagued version of the Apple’s icon is placed into a computer and at random, the copied “virus” will make everything on your screen fall subject to something Newton discovered: gravity.

I recommend watching the video.

Some people think it’s a conspiracy theory to create viruses on the Mac. I think it’s just plain ole fun; no one that stupid would publically say that this was their virus.

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More Gallery Technologies

This is Lightbox 2. A friend showed it to me.

This is a gallery option where your images are placed into small, tiled thumbnails. When you click on them, the background dulls out, a picture pops up and adjusts to the size of the photo. No awkward side spaces. And it’s all done in javascript…or so it looks.

I like it.

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The Type of Furniture I Want for My Future Home Office

By Cristian Zuzanga

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“It’s a Bag…APRIL FOOLS!”

Created by Joshua Allen Harris, these animals are plastic bags that are tied together to the vents in NYC. When the air goes through the vents, the air fills the bags and creates the animal.

It’d be a great April Fools Day joke if you could kinda make it look like regular trash then when vents comes on…bam! Scared. I’d scream, probably.

In any way, nice way to approach something people pass by every day. I know our university has vents like that.

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Famous Designer Calls Design “Dead”

Yeah, it’s scary. Hard to believe.

He also said this:

“Design is a dreadful form of expression.”

I can’t go on. I would ramble for ages. I just gotta say that I hope this doesn’t catch on because design is very important.

But here’s the article where he announced this.

Leave your comments if you feel so.

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