“Jaws” Music Ringing Through Your Ears.

Going back to a time when computer viruses were intended to be fun and playful…

Introducing, Troika’s “Newton Virus.”

A USB drive looking mysteriously like a plagued version of the Apple’s icon is placed into a computer and at random, the copied “virus” will make everything on your screen fall subject to something Newton discovered: gravity.

I recommend watching the video.

Some people think it’s a conspiracy theory to create viruses on the Mac. I think it’s just plain ole fun; no one that stupid would publically say that this was their virus.

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“Airport” Security. Not the Kind That You Find ON Your Mac…

A friend of mine sent me this article last night.

Macbook Air stumps TSA agent, owner misses flight – Yahoo! News

Apparently baffled by the missing features, airport security wasn’t going to let the poor bloke get on his plane because of his MacBook Air.

Question: Do they not watch TV? Even ESPN has MBAir commercials. I know they are asked to follow the “TSA approved” list, but seriously.

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