While stumbling through one of my favorite product design sites, I walked into a pasture of sheep…stools.

They’re playful, worthy of a good laugh or two, and yet they’re still pretty fashionable. I think these stools by Sam Brown could be thrown into many a modern home and they would still fit the decor.

And I must say that it’s adorable that they have little black stopper “hooves.”

See the Better Living Through Design page for purchasing information.

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Back from the Unannounced Hiatus

I had to slow down on my posting during the end of April and beginning of May due to my finals. I also then needed a break to do things I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time, including see friends from my hometown, spend some time outside, exercising, and most importantly, cleaning out my computer. It was time for a deep cleaning.

But now it’s time to start posting again. New features and design news posted soon!

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“It’s a Bag…APRIL FOOLS!”

Created by Joshua Allen Harris, these animals are plastic bags that are tied together to the vents in NYC. When the air goes through the vents, the air fills the bags and creates the animal.

It’d be a great April Fools Day joke if you could kinda make it look like regular trash then when vents comes on…bam! Scared. I’d scream, probably.

In any way, nice way to approach something people pass by every day. I know our university has vents like that.

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Famous Designer Calls Design “Dead”

Yeah, it’s scary. Hard to believe.

He also said this:

“Design is a dreadful form of expression.”

I can’t go on. I would ramble for ages. I just gotta say that I hope this doesn’t catch on because design is very important.

But here’s the article where he announced this.

Leave your comments if you feel so.

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Disappointment. Sheer Disappointment.

I found a link to a visual diary of Stockholm Design Week 2008. Yay! International design and some good typography!

Wait, why didn’t anyone tell me that this was a furniture design exhibition? (Well, I never found anything directly saying that, but tags at the bottom of the gallery opener say furniture fair) The name is misleading. I find myself to already be disappointed. Sigh.

Swiss typography rocks, yo.

Anyway, I love contemporary and intuitive furniture designs. If I was good at metal and woodworking, I would totally do some furniture design.

But once again, I am disappointed with the products. A lot of them I’ve seen before or they just weren’t THAT interesting.

There were a couple things that were pretty good though (I’m trying to think on the bright side):




The only typography I saw was for descriptions of the exhibit. 😦


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All Type, All Black and White

Directly tied to my current Communication Design class, here are some covers that use just black and white typography, plus or minus a couple little lines. This article calls for the weakness and strengths of the “all typography cover.” I think those are all fairly successful.

This gives me inspiration.

Things to Look At post on the All Typography Cover.

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