While stumbling through one of my favorite product design sites, I walked into a pasture of sheep…stools.

They’re playful, worthy of a good laugh or two, and yet they’re still pretty fashionable. I think these stools by Sam Brown could be thrown into many a modern home and they would still fit the decor.

And I must say that it’s adorable that they have little black stopper “hooves.”

See the Better Living Through Design page for purchasing information.

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The Type of Furniture I Want for My Future Home Office

By Cristian Zuzanga

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Disappointment. Sheer Disappointment.

I found a link to a visual diary of Stockholm Design Week 2008. Yay! International design and some good typography!

Wait, why didn’t anyone tell me that this was a furniture design exhibition? (Well, I never found anything directly saying that, but tags at the bottom of the gallery opener say furniture fair) The name is misleading. I find myself to already be disappointed. Sigh.

Swiss typography rocks, yo.

Anyway, I love contemporary and intuitive furniture designs. If I was good at metal and woodworking, I would totally do some furniture design.

But once again, I am disappointed with the products. A lot of them I’ve seen before or they just weren’t THAT interesting.

There were a couple things that were pretty good though (I’m trying to think on the bright side):




The only typography I saw was for descriptions of the exhibit. 😦


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